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During recent years, Alternative Public Offerings have evolved into a legitimate alternative to traditional IPOs. Recently enacted SEC regulations have significantly increased the level of disclosure required to be submitted within reverse merger transactions. As a result this has raised the level of transparency and the profile of reverse mergers.

We believe that there are a large number of solid small to medium sized businesses and companies whose growth is restricted by the lack of access to the capital markets and that are actively seeking ways to find a more affordable way to obtain the necessary financing in order to take their company to the next level. Not all companies fill the criteria for an IPO and for them the Alternative Public Offering offers access to the much needed growth capital. It is less costly, requires less paper work with the SEC, and holds many advantages for a privately owned company to benefit significantly through access to the public markets.

As a boutique investment bank, Grandview Capital specializes in taking companies public via the Alternative Public Offering process. We provide a variety of specialized services with a primary focus on the preparation and implementation of Alternative Public Offerings. Our services include access to public shells, capital formation and after market support to ensure a fully valued and liquid stock.

Grandview Capital works closely with our clients by meticulously and effectively assessing the changing regulatory environment and has the experience and resources to expertly negotiate the labyrinth. By understanding the present financial market conditions we are better able to assist in the preparation and implementation of our clients specific development and financial goals.

Our philosophy is to take an active role as the client’s 'partner' but without the controls that venture capital and angel investors tend to implement. Our investor contacts prefer to invest in companies in which we are actively involved in helping with the management of the growth in value and liquidity of their investment.

We approach each client project with a specifically tailored and customized approach which provides a greater flexibility and in turn reduces expenses, paperwork and management resources. By partnering together, we each are able to perform the functions for which we are best suited and, ultimately, we will be able to benefit the Company better and enhance shareholder value.

During the Alternative Public Offering process Grandview Capital will:

  • Identify and negotiate for the acquisition of a suitable 'public shell' company;
  • Serve as investment banker and placement agent for the associated private equity placement;
  • Select and work with the legal and accounting firms necessary to structure the merger, and to comply with the SEC filing requirements to become a publicly traded entity;
  • Select and obtain the most appropriate exchange listing (AMEX, NASDAQ, OTCBB)

The benefits of an Alternative Public Offering can be relayed to our clients by indicating possibly predictable and profitable procedures through the carefully selected, screened and maintained network of capital market professionals available to clients of Grandview Capital.

Less risk, less time, and lower cost
An Alternative Public Offering allows a private company to become a listed company more quickly and with less market risk than through an IPO. The cost of the reverse merger portion of the Alternative Public Offering (the acquisition of the shell and the associated filing requirements) is significantly less than what an Initial Public Offering (IPO) would require.

Equity capitalization
An Alternative Public Offering results in a simultaneous going-public and capitalization event, with the majority of the capital raised coming from institutional investors.

Stock as currency
A well-traded public stock creates the currency to implement a company's acquisition strategy, reduce debt, or otherwise strengthen its balance sheet.

Higher value
Once listed, public companies may typically gain higher valuations than comparable private enterprises.

Access to the public capital market
Becoming a listed public company facilitates the capital raising process and provides access to institutional investors that can only invest in public companies.

Broader investor base
A public company has the opportunity to increase its investor base and has a greater opportunity to sell shares to a wide range of investors, both institutional as well as retail.

Employee incentives
Being public provides management executives the ability to offer employee incentives in the form of stock options.

Strategic planning plays a vital role in completing an Alternative Public Offering. Becoming a publicly listed company is a significant milestone for any company, its owners and shareholders. Our professionals are fully experienced in the financial, managerial and organizational issues that may arise throughout the complexities of the process. It is by our approach of personal attention to detail that we complete many successful transactions.

Grandview prepares its clients for the most important work involved in an Alternative Public Offering transaction which begins even before the public entity is identified. GCI recognizes that before commencing the Alternative Public Offering process there is a need to clearly defining a strategy for clients that would identify their long-term objectives once the Alternative Public Offering is completed.

GCI focuses on how the company will be received in the public financial marketplace by tailoring a capitalization structure to suit the company's objectives and any anticipated public market requirements. We provide advice and assistance on identifying the main areas of consideration during this stage which include: future acquisitions, raising capital, shareholder liquidity, stock options, employee stock ownership programs, etc.

A lack of capital or improper capital structure can undermine even the best corporate strategy and execution. Grandview Capital leverages its network of capital sources and deal structuring expertise to create value maximizing financial strategies and capital structures for our clients. We have a high level of expertise in the placement of a variety of private equity and debt structures.

We approach the capital raising process by offering specifically tailored financial services that encompass well established relationships with institutional and accredited investors. In our customized approach we strive to facilitate the raising of capital and increase the company’s market value while offering a greater flexibility in the Alternative Public Offering process, which in turn reduces expenses, paperwork and management time.



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